Market Opportunity
  • Collaboration
  • Outsourcing
  • Photometer

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    Products Collaboration

    319 days left
  • Inspection center

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    313 days left
  • Transmitter

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    Products Collaboration

    338 days left
  • High precision navigation package

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    Engineering Simulation

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  • Top drive system

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  • Lathe

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    Machine Tools

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  • Spiral welded pipe

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    New Material

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  • Installation of cable

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    Special Equipment

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  • Connector

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  • Optical measurement system

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Inquiry Details

Products Collaboration>Instrumentation>Optical instruments

flag China

319 days left

Specific requirements are detailed in the contract

Inspection center

Manufacturing>Machining>Precision Machining Capability

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313 days left

Package: Packages should be strong enough to endure multiple handlings during transport.

Shipment: Via sea.

Payment: net 120 days from the date of arriving our company’s port.

All the products should obey the law of China.

Products Collaboration>Other products collaboration>Others

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338 days left

30% in advance, 60% in acceptance, and 10% in quality.

High precision navigation package

Engineering Simulation>Acoustic Analysis>Others

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306 days left

Party a shall require the products to meet party a's technical requirements and on-site use requirements, and party a shall have the right to refund party b in full if the products fail to meet the standards

Top drive system

Manufacturing>Other Manufacturing>Others

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285 days left

1.     One set of original Bill of Lading; Commercial invoice in One originals and One copies; Packing list in One originals and One copies; Certificate of Quality and Quantity in One original and One copy; Certificate of origin in One original and One copies; Insurance Policy or Certificate in One original and One copies covering 110% of invoice value against all risks. One copy of fax/telex to the buyer advising particulars of shipment immediately after shipment is made, the seller shall send by fax/email the copy of all documents to the buyer within 10 days after shipment.


Machine Tools> Body> Lathe

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329 days left

Cycle satisfaction requirements
Spiral welded pipe

New Material>Carbon Material>

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352 days left

Spiral welded pipe
Installation of cable

Special Equipment>Industry Equipment>Monitoring Equipment and System

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330 days left

AFKR-250 0.2mm white

Electronics>Wire and Cable>

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323 days left

Execute according to technical agreement
Optical measurement system

Instrumentation>Optical Instrument>

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334 days left

Used in the optical measurement
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Industrial Parks
The China-Belarus Industrial Park

The China-Belarus industrial park is a territorial entity with the area of 91,5 sq. km with a special legal status conducive to doing business.

The project is being developed within the framework of the China-Belarus intergovernmental cooperation according to intergovernmental agreements.

The state has created a favorable investment climate for industrial park residents.

  • Top News
  • Industry Trends
  • Experts, tech giants stress innovation efforts

  • Sharing economy rides into bumpy future

  • Online piano tutoring platform hits the right note

  • Cheek for check-in: Alibaba opens AI 'future hotel'

  • Telecom giant Huawei to spend $2b on cybersecurity over next 5 years

  • Giving healthcare a digital edge

  • Tech gives e-learning big push

  • China to overtake Europe in AI research

  • No convincing evidence for Tokyo to bar country's telecoms, ministry says

  • Honor unveils new tech advances

  • China to launch new-generation retrievable satellite in 2019

  • DJI to invest in farm drones, train operators

  • AI plays important role in marketing

  • Chinese companies embrace cloud computing

  • Intel to tap into AI opportunities in China

  • Hospitals invest in digital future

  • Innovation helps robotics to catch up

  • AliCloud offers its technologies to entrepreneurs

  • High-tech fair to strengthen trade ties

  • Smart hospitals need to think, sense and act

  • China plays key role in Ubisoft's strategy

  • China becomes world's second-largest market for smart speakers

  • AI helps boost accuracy in translations

  • Tencent wants to use AI to save lives

  • AI plays vital role in education equity: Industry leader

  • 5G to be expected on world's longest cross-sea bridge

  • Domestic enterprises set tone for global fifth-generation players

  • CIIE: Navigation app gives users a real feel for location

  • Tech companies seek collaboration during CIIE

  • OECD head: New tech drives prosperity

  • Tencent tightens user ID checks on its popular game

  • Gait tech gaining traction

  • Shanghai gets into the gigabit groove

  • Telecoms call for AI help in fraud fight

  • Sharpening mainland firms' IT edge

  • Robot strikes a bargain in Hangzhou night market, becomes social media's latest hit

  • Food at CIIE gets a touch of robotic flair

  • Huawei to bolster AI applications

  • CASC helps nation reach for the stars

  • UBTECH expects revenue surge over new robot

  • China's rapid development offers opportunities for overseas hi-tech talent

  • Technology delivers fresh, delicious crabs

  • Meituan-Dianping eyes burgeoning autonomous tech sector

  • Industry fair showcases advanced, green tech

  • Sugar AI translation smartphone partners with Italian Tourist Board

  • Microsoft to deepen AI push

  • AI to cause big shifts in employment

  • Report: Emerging markets poised for digital revolution

  • Security paramount in AI field

  • Wuxi company shows power in AI research

  • East London tech hub banks on China for expansion

  • Scaling AI peaks one after another

  • In pics: Peek inside WIOT highlights

  • Chinese funding to nourish fertilizer plant in Uganda

  • China key for optical computing

  • Intelligent robot maker raises funds as demand grows

  • Huawei offers support for local digital transformation

  • Tencent to invest $438m in expansion of Chongqing data center

  • AI system recognizes porn through voice recognition

  • Fujian facility to lift chip supply

  • Self-service dining taking off

  • Shenzhen issues first blockchain invoice

  • Making customer service smarter with AI-powered e-commerce chatbot

  • Yangtze River Delta Region pledges deeper big data cooperation

  • Language the next frontier of artificial intelligence

  • Shenzhen's tech growth impresses young SAR talents

  • Didi lowers its offer to acquire Ofo, claims report

  • Interns upbeat about future careers in Shanghai

  • Alibaba, Tencent eye WPP stake

  • Vested business interests a hurdle for new industries

  • E Ink plans internet of things foray to lift revenue

  • Students set sights on AI majors

  • Tech progress sought to drive growth

  • Giving China the big data edge

  • Scientific journal launched to promote China's unmanned technology

  • Cutting-edge technologies highlight of international software Expo in Beijing

  • China has over 4,000 AI enterprises: report

  • Chinese voice recognition startup raises funds to boost AI tech

  • World IoT Expo to be held in Wuxi

  • Work on high-tech AR & VR park commences in Hainan

  • China opens hearts and minds to artificial intelligence at work

  • launches robot deliveries in Beijing

  • Software sector rides digital economy wave

  • Driverless vehicles edge closer to reality

  • JD to set up unmanned vehicle unit in Changsha

  • World robot finals to be held in China in July

  • Quick adoption of AI encouraged for business

  • Blockchain tech should see future adoption

  • Safe technologies to lead in artificial intelligence adoption

  • Guizhou the front runner of China's big data industry

  • China, EU essential partners to each other's AI strategy

  • Big money aimed at top universities

  • Guiyang set to become Alibaba Cloud's technical support, ICP filing center

  • Deals worth over 35b yuan signed at big data expo

  • Nation vies to lead in adopting blockchain technology

  • Tencent developing voice-interactive WeChat

  • SenseTime, Alibaba open AI lab in partnership with HK Science and Technology Parks

  • Sweden's Fingerprint Cards looks to iris, facial recognition

  • SME digitalization drive gets shot in arm

  • China's Didi approved to test autonomous vehicle in California

  • Phone maker Huawei adds bitcoin wallet to AppGallery

  • Tencent signs UK creative partnership deals

  • Pakistan to set up nine industrial zones under CPEC: Minister

  • Tech giants bet big on AI with startup investments

  • World Robot Conference to be held in Beijing

  • China releases its first cloud AI chip

  • Microsoft reports robust growth in earnings powered by cloud products

  • Huawei banking on financial digitalization for faster growth

  • Automated railways being tested

  • Digital era helps old foodmaker in delivery, expansion

  • CRRC hard at work on 'intelligent' trains

  • Chinese factory in Ethiopia ignites African dreams

  • New chapter for ‘Xiplomacy’

  • Midea, Kuka launch new smart park

  • Sino-German intelligent manufacturing cooperation park starts operation

  • PowerChina International signs dual-fuel power plant contract in Bangladesh

  • Smart driving system continues to advance

  • Switzerland to participate in China International Import Expo

  • Yangling Agriculture Hi-Tech Industrial Zone has established modern agricultural demonstration parks...

  • Minister: Plan to boost AI research

  • Geely taps Autoliv, Zenuity to develop system for Level 3 autonomy

  • Uganda launches joint industrial park with China in Mbale

  • China to expand smart manufacturing pilot program

  • Thailand sets up technological center for Belt and Road Initiative

  • Dassault Systemes steadily transforming to cloud

  • Accelerating digital transformation of manufacturing

  • Manufacturing and Software under the waves of transformation

  • QAD: Keeping focused in the waves of transformation

  • The evolution of Dassault Systemes development strategy

  • Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park set to bring win-win results

  • Conference proposes int'l e-commerce cooperation

  • Happy Chinese New Year celebrations flourish around the world

  • China's manufacturing hub to add 20,000 industrial robots

  • Siemens to build

  • Norinco International to invest in wind power project in Croatia

  • Malaysian e-payment company partners with China's Alipay in digital wallet solution

  • CIMdata Announces its 2018 PLM Market & Industry Forum Series

  • Smart wind turbine development driven by digital twin

  • 3D printing creates super-soft structures that replicate brain and lungs

  • GM targets China for most of its future EV sales

  • By 2022, one in five workers engaged in mostly nonroutine tasks will rely on AI to do a job

  • Tender, bid digitalization process ramps up

  • Industrial robot plant starts production in E China

  • Gartner Says By 2020, Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates

  • China, Israel launch incubator to promote technology cooperation

  • 3D printing components will be available for 75% of new commercial and military aircraft by 2021

  • By 2021, 25% of the surgeons would practise on the 3D - printed anatomical model before surgery.

  • 20% of consumer goods companies will use 3D printing to make customized products by 2021

  • The“Digital generation”will develop into "Intelligent generation” in the next 20 years

  • 20% of companies will set up internal startups to develop new products and services based on 3D prin...

  • Sales of self-driving cars worldwide will reach 33 million

  • The development of Cloud computing received popular discussion that security ecosystem is crucial.

  • Two new companies registered in China-Belarus industrial park

  • The demand for artificial intelligence talents amounts to millions

  • The rapid rise of Chinese intelligent factories

  • More than 390 large-scale global data centers in 2017

  • Chinese 'smart' buses bring safe, comfortable transport to Cambodia

  • 2018 set to bring more opening

  • Largest automated container terminal starts operations

  • China's 'four great new inventions' in modern times

  • Satellite network marks 5 years as guide

  • China signs cooperation agreements with 86 entities under Belt and Road

  • China sets schedule for becoming strong trading nation

  • ‘Made in China’ Christmas products sweep the globe

  • China becoming leader in big data

  • Digitalization powers up China's economy and global competitiveness

  • SAIC opens 2nd assembly plant in Thailand

  • NIO launches first model, a 7-seat SUV

  • Should we worry about AI?

  • Nation unveils manufacturing upgrade plan

  • Shortage of 14M Professionals Exists in the Big Data Generation

  • Market value reaches $225 billion by 2017

  • Machine vision becomes the core elements of Industry 4.0

  • The first smart robots specialized for tax services was unveiled in Henan Province.

  • 10430 kilometers per hour, the world's fastest rocket sled, is 8.5 times faster than the speed of so...

  • "Ocean National Laboratory"-the joint laboratory for intelligent supercomputer and big data was offi...

  • Kai-fu Lee: In the face of robot job, white collar is more easily replaced than blue collar

  • The first flying car will be born in 2019

  • A transformation and upgrading on education sector driven by big data

  • Macao and Alibaba will build a smart city based on cloud computing

  • Stephen Hawking: AI may surpass or totally replace human beings

  • Japanese industrial robots show at China International Industry Fair

  • Xiongan New Area and Alibaba build “Future Town” with artificial intelligence

  • With the assists from AI for high efficient claims, golden age has come for China’s Insurance indust...

  • Wide use of Robots thick and fast in global banking industry

  • The trend of global manufacturing: flowing back to China

  • Thanks to various robots, thousands of Jiaozi made within 1 hour.

  • Made in China! The world's first large-scale cargo drone flew successfully

  • Further breakthroughs in facial recognition with a market boom like mushroom after rain

  • Police robot market is expected to reach tens of billions

  • Cooperation between China Unicom and CASICloud-Tech Co., Ltd on industrial internet

  • Thanks to big data, transport industry has ushered in 4.0 era.

  • Understand the Language! Latest Robot Fridge is Released

  • German Company Establishes Strategic Alliances to Build an Open IIoT Platform

  • CASICloud Leads the Industrial Internet Platforms into Scale Expansion Period

  • Event of Internet+ Made-in-China Innovation was Held in Zhengzhou

  • Industrial internet guidelines in pipeline

  • Weibo plans to increase content-driven e-commerce investment

  • Short-handed 'hardware county' turns to industrial robots

  • Machine tool firms hit pay dirt

  • Shanghai sees major role for AI technology in the city

  • China Innovation Index rises faster in 2017

  • Factory opens for producing C919 jet parts

  • Robotics company sees big sales in 2018

  • Smart appliances enter more Chinese households

  • China's industrial robot output up 8.7% in Jan-Oct

  • Now VR in car can take you to outer space

  • Chinese commercial space startup develops AI satellites

  • Chinese AI teams win big in global facial recognition competition

  • Huawei to begin cloud services in Africa

  • Tech giants eyeing pole position in unmanned driving

  • Rwanda ready to grow its economy through Alibaba partnership

  • AI guestrooms accommodate a transformation

  • Taking on malware attacks

  • China asks US to treat chipmaker equitably

  • China's industrial robot output rises 9.3% in Jan-Sept

  • China leads in rise of platform marketplaces

  • Digitalization of HR activities crucial for talent retention

  • Baidu becomes first Chinese member of US-led AI alliance

  • AI plays crucial role in industrial upgrading

  • Chinese company fixes design of hyperloop traveling at 1,000 km/h

  • Racing to be the ‘Google’ in fintech

  • Firm gets ready for big-ticket missions

  • Chinese travelers embrace mobile payments

  • Unmanned robots delivering a smart future

  • Data security, privacy need increased focus

  • Alibaba sets up new chip subsidiary

  • China to invest multi-billion dollars to develop digital economy

  • Automotive industry remains key driver of innovation in Germany:study

  • Firms use IoT to ramp up added value

  • Conference puts AI in forefront

  • Wuxi leads the way in IoT security construction

  • Solar plant to cut energy costs, boost supply in Argentina

  • Instant delivery sector off to flying start, but hurdles remain

  • Lenovo helping to drive digital transformation

  • WeChat rival Bullet Messaging raises $21.96m

  • Online sports apps growing in popularity

  • New AI system trained to detect missed tumors in cancer patients

  • AI automation to shake up labor market by 2030

  • Internet firms enabling cross-channel integration

  • Technology company tests robots for home deliveries

  • China's AI industry gains momentum: Report

  • Meituan takes new step on unmanned deliveries

  • Chinese AI industry growing

  • AI-backed vascular disease diagnosis, treatment system in pipeline

  • Snake arm robot debuts at CIROS2018

  • Millennials driving gaming revenues

  • Database startup eyes opportunities in new economic era

  • Chinese firm launches cheaper, faster device to diagnose heart problems

  • China Unicom, AliCloud team up

  • Contest in Anhui province seeks innovative, green technology, strategy

  • Self-driving car industry picks up speed

  • Xiaomi, Kingsoft Cloud launch intelligent network platform

  • TAL offers lessons in innovation

  • Appliance makers eye smart tech

  • Breakthroughs in core technologies called imperative

  • China's NEV market continues strong expansion in H1

  • Internet giants see healthy revenue growth

  • China will be the first place for industrial internet to take off: Ericsson CEO

  • IBM's Summit becomes world's fastest supercomputer

  • Software sector rides digital economy wave

  • Tech giants tap into AI healthcare market

  • China turns to AI for healthcare boost

  • looking at high-speed maglev delivery network

  • Digitization fair opens in Hanover

  • Cybersecurity efforts boost digital push

  • China to push for more industrial apps, cloud biz

  • AI to thrive globally amid collaborations

  • The AI sector's manpower crunch

  • Output of China's AI industry to reach 160b yuan by 2020

  • China, India launch IT industry cluster to boost cooperation

  • Logistics businesses bank on digital supply chains for tech innovation

  • 'Robo-adviser' research lab established

  • Latest AI chips a startup success story

  • AI technology to help in 'intelligent' transformation

  • AI drive to improve healthcare

  • China embracing new digitalization era

  • New chip an intelligent move for Cambricon

  • Businesses fuel digital development in Fujian

  • Cybersecurity more critical in new era of big data

  • AI seen as driving force in Industry 4.0

  • Boom time ahead for smart speakers

  • Energy improvement will be international with B&R

  • China gears up to advance autonomous driving

  • China eases market access for foreign payment firms

  • Green development is key to Belt and Road: Minister

  • China joins top ranks in field of 5G technology to make the internet of things more effective

  • Innovation key to make Chinese growth more innovative and competitive

  • China to lead in digital healthcare breakthroughs

  • China will expand foreign investment access to sectors like new-energy vehicles

  • Annual NPC session: China is seen having an edge in artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Intelligent and high-end equipment will be a highlight in the upcoming CIIE

  • Digital platform provides support for the Belt and Road Initiative

  • Why it's too early to bet on China's EV market

  • Nation leads shift toward renewables

  • Honeywell goes big on digital

  • Deloitte finds executives optimistic about Industry 4.0, but lacking confidence in their organizatio...

  • Chinese apps gain traction in Belt and Road region

  • 3D printing accelerates transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

  • 18,519 domestically-produced industrial robots sold in China in first half of 2017

  • Data center in China's market size will reach 19 billion

  • Collaborative robots: expanding to different fields in the future

  • The AI chip market will witness fierce competition

  • Digitalization powers up China's economy and global competitiveness

  • Foreign manufacturers begin expanding into Chinese market to seize opportunities

  • China's internet of things output reaches 930b yuan in 2016

  • China to expand domestic cloud computing sector

  • Big data to play big role in global economy

  • Global manufacturing activity continues to expand rapidly: new index

  • China will become the world’s largest VR market by 2021.

  • The Global Market for Commercial Robots Will Reach $17 Billion in 2020

  • Industrial robot market exceeds $4 billion

  • 5 challenges of China Big Data strategy

  • Smart factory market will usher in huge growth in the future

  • Robotics and big data are becoming driving force for industries while 4 start-ups are expected to re...

  • China has become the world's largest industrial robot market for four consecutive years

  • The global plant will add 1.7 million industrial robots in 2020

  • Cloud computing market continues to expand with the cooperation between big players

  • Emerging jobs created and skilled professionals in need.

  • Virtual-Actual integration of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and big data

  • Huge employment gap exists in the rapid growth of intelligent manufacturing industry

  • Increasing policy support and developing opportunities for intelligent manufacturing equipment indus...

  • Seizing opportunity on smart medical to set a shining example of Internet + Medical Care----See Ali ...

  • The development of Cloud computing received popular discussion that security ecosystem is crucial.

  • Global manufacturing will accelerate growth in 2017, the highest in the past six years

  • Catering O2O enterprises invest in intelligent logistics

  • World’s First Molecular Robot is Released and Will be Used to Conduct Medical Research in the Future

  • Production Value of Intelligent Manufacturing is Expected to Exceed ¥3 Trillion by 2020

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